Welcome to the screening and discussion of the documentary: "Home in a Foreign Land" on forced migration in Central America. The activity is part of the Brown Bag Series organised by the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies in Think Corner.

"Home in a Foreign Land”: Documentary on forced migration in Central America
Each year, thousands of Central Americans leave their home countries to walk across Mexico in the hope of reaching the United States.  Mostly from the “Northern Triangle,” composed of the northern-most countries of Central America, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the migrants seek to escape a region considered among the most unequal and violent in the world. The causes of this forced migration and the historical roots of the problem are the main topics of the documentary “Home in a Foreign Land”.
The film, co-produced by the University of Costa Rica (UCR) and the State University at a Distance (UNED), and financed by the National Council University Rectors (CONARE) in Costa Rica, examines the migration of Central Americans forced to flee their home countries due to extreme poverty and high levels of violence. The documentary is based on the book by Carlos Sandoval, Exclusion and Forced Migration in Central America: No More Walls (Palgrave, 2017).
Large-scale Central American migration is not a new phenomenon. During the civil wars in the 1980s, thousands of Central Americans did the same dangerous journey. The film examines the historical causes of the migration, including the structural inequality and long history of violence in post-war Central American societies.  Portraying the stories and dreams of individual migrants, the documentary also explores Mexico’s conflicting response to the migrants: the criminalization of the migrants by the Mexican authorities, on the one hand, and Mexican society’s solidarity with the migrants, on the other hand, as demonstrated by the creation of “Migrant Shelters”.
Chair: Florencia Quesada (Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies, UH)
Panelists: Nadia Navas (PhD Political History Candidate UH),
Andrea Valladares and Onice Arango, urbanists and architects, have conducted research in risk communities in Guatemala City. More about their projects in: https://www.perpendiculargt.com
All warmly welcome!
Free entrance!
"Home in a Foreign Land" (80 min, 2017) Spanish with English subtitles. 
Original Title:  Casa en tierra ajena. Un documental sobre migración forzada en América Central. Production: Ivannia Villalobos and Carlos Sandoval. Director: Ivannia Villalobos. Country: Costa Rica

12.12.2017 | 10.00

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