Update Your Learning Materials!

How can learning materials enhance active global citizenship? A check-list created by the Finnish Global Education Network of CSOs helps the learning materials match the themes highlighted in Finnish national curriculum.

Learning materials used in schools guide the children and youth’s understanding of the world. They provide a foundation for teaching and often direct the focus of learning towards certain themes. For this reason, it is important to be aware of the content and presentation of the learning materials.

The Global Education Network of Finnish CSOs has created a handy check-list for learning material producers to help them make a match between the study books and the emphases of the national core curriculum. A need for a check-list was first realized when CSOs were asked to comment on study book manuscripts in which they found similar problematic issues occurring frequently.

There is a hope that the check-list would find a wider distribution among everyone working with learning materials, including school teachers, study book authors, CSOs and global educators. And not only in Finnish context!


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